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Q:  What equipment do you need to play curling?
A:  All you need is some loose fitting clothing and a pair of running shoes.   We will supply at no cost a curling broom and rubber "grippers" that attach to your shoes to grip the ice as you move down the sheet.    

Q:  Does the club have a learn-to-curl program?
A:  Yes.  Click here for more information

Q:  Does the club host Introduction to Curling Events?
A:  Yes.  Click here for more information

Q:  How long does it take to learn curling?
A:  You can start playing after just a few hours of training.

Q:  How long is the typical curling game?
A:  Two hours.

Q: Are there leagues for men and women?
A:  Yes, Click here for more information on our Leagues.   

Q:  Are there programs for children and teenagers?
A:  Yes, see Junior and Little Rock program descriptions: Click here 

Q:  What if am unable to execute the rock delivery?
A:  You can deliver the rock with your broom or a specially designed stick that attaches to the rock.   This is the ideal option for anyone who cannot deliver the rock in the traditional way due to injury or age.    It is also why we have many highly active curlers who over 70 years old.

Q:  Is curling good exercise?
A:  Yes, you can expect to burn a lot of calories every game.

Q:  What traditions are integral in curling?
A: Teamwork and good sportsmanship.   Curling is also a highly social game that always ends with the opposing teams getting together to share a refreshment or drink -- and it is the winners who buy the first round.

Q:  Is curling a family oriented sport?
A:  Yes, frequently spouses and even entire families join and play together.

Q:  How long is the curling season?
A:  The curling season begins in October and wraps up with the Club Championship in mid April.   You can join the Club at any time.   Click here for information.     

Q:  Are there any special events?
A:  Yes, every year we have many Bonspiels  - Club wide and League - in fun formats that anyone can enter.  As well, we have an annual silent and live auction night and many social events during the season.

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DM Spiel
Oct 18 2017 8:15AM 4:00PM
LTC 1/2
Oct 22 2017 4:30PM 6:30PM
DW Past President Spiel
Oct 23 2017 10:00AM 4:00PM
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Oct 24 2017 8:50AM 4:00PM
DW Past President
Oct 26 2017 9:00AM 4:00PM
Mixed Spiel - Potluck
Oct 28 2017 12:00PM
LTC 1/3
Oct 29 2017 4:30PM 6:30PM
Club Wide Development Clinics
Nov 04 2017 3:00PM 5:00PM

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