2017 / 2018 - Operating Committee

Day Women: Josephine Repa

Evening Women: Tina Beauchamps

Day Men: George Otani

Evening Men: Kevin Lowe

Men's T-50: Ian Munro

Men's T-60: Carl Glatt

Mixed: Carolyn Hoover

Mixed Doubles: Mike Zuliani

Open Team Entry: Kent Tomasik

Juniors / Bantams: John Wallace

Little Rocks: Adrian Accinelli

Crazy Birds: Ian Free

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Upcoming Events

DM Spiel
Mar 21 2018 8:20AM 4:00PM
LTC 3/3
Mar 25 2018 4:30PM 6:30PM
DW Mini Spiel
Mar 26 2018 1:00PM 4:00PM
DW Team PO
Mar 29 2018 9:30AM
DW Team PO
Mar 29 2018 1:00PM
EM T-Entry PO
Apr 03 2018 7:30PM
EM T-Entry PO
Apr 03 2018 9:30PM
EW Draw PO
Apr 04 2018 5:30PM

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