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Welcome to Unionville Curling Club

Thank you for the interest in UNIONVILLE CURLING CLUB.  Our calendar provides for both recreational and competitive curling for Men, Women, Mixed and Junior Curling.  In addition to regularly scheduled curling, there are several "in club" bonspiels for each section and social events such as our annual Live and Silent Auction in the spring. 

For new curlers, the Club periodically conducts Learn to Curl programs to teach the fundamentals, techniques, rules and etiquette of curling.  These excellent sessions include both on and off ice instruction by Certified Curl Canada Instructors and we highly recommend them as a preparation for entry to the sport. 

For experienced curlers, we would be delighted to welcome you to UCC -  a well organized, member-oriented and financially stable club.  If you require any further information or would like to register, please contact our Club Manager. 

Unionville Curling Club
Club Manager:
Martin Mui

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (905) 477-2711
Address: 257 Carlton Road
Unionville ON L3R 2A3


FEES (2023/2024)

Primary Membership Types (Does not include any League Fees)*
Adult Member
 Entitled to Full Adult Member privledges.
Young Adult (1 League)
$260  + 1 League Fee
 Entitled to Full Adult Member privledges.
Young Adult (2 Leagues)
$175  + 2 League Fees
 Entitled to Full Adult Member privledges.
Young Adult (3+ Leagues) $  90 + 3 or more League Fees  Full Adult Member privledges.
Adult Member - Non-Curling $  85 Full Adult Member privledges. Note: Includes Capital Fund Fee
Adult Member - Social Associate      
$  40  Social Member Only. Note: Capital Fund Fee does not apply
Honorary Member $   0 + League Fees  Entitled to Full Adult Member privledges.
Little Rocks 
$160 (hst exempt)
 (7 to 11 years of age) (grippers included)
Juniors / Bantams
 (12 to 18 years of age) (grippers included)
Note: Young Adult Fees applies to members 19 to 29 years of age.  
LEAGUES AND FEES ($100 per league - Dates tentatitive based on registration)*
Day Women Draw - Tuesday
Women Team Entry - Thursday  $100
Day Men (Tag) - Wednesday & Friday  $100
T50 Team Entry Challenge - Friday  $100
T60 Team Entry Challenge - Wednesday  $60
Evening Men's Draw - TBD  $100
Evening Men's Team Entry - Tuesday Evening  $100
Evening Women Draw - Tuesday  $100
Evening Women Draw - Wednesday  $100
Mixed - Friday Evening & Saturday  $100
Open Team Entry - Wednesday & Thursday Evening  $100
Mixed Doubles - Monday Evening  $100
Sunday Morning Early Birds    $TBD
Spare Only (experienced curlers only)  $100
Senior Mixed - Monday $60
Open Mixed Tag - Wednesday $100

   *Taxes extra    

Initiation Fee:
The initiation fee for new members is $200 or 3 equal payments of $75 ($225) payable in the first 3 years of the membership
*Note: the new Adult Member Initiation Fee is not applicable to our young curlers or adult curlers that have ‘graduated’ from our junior curler section, provided they have not let their membership lapse.

Capital Fund Fee:
The annual capital fund fee, currently $45, is the member’s contribution to the Club’s capital fund, which is used to pay for capital improvements at the Club.

Men's and Ladies Lockers are available at annual cost.of $25.00 per season

New Members should contact the Club Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.



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257 Carlton Road,
Unionville Ontario L3R 2A3

Phone: (905) 477-2711

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About the Club ...

The Unionville Curling Club is privately owned by its members and operated by an elected Board of Directors. It represents a group of individuals dedicated to the Sport of Curling.

The Unionville Curling Club was founded in 1919. From its humble beginnings in a small converted barn to its present location, the club has grown to become one of Ontario's most respected curling clubs. Situated in the heart of the village of Unionville, it serves curlers from the surrounding area as well as Metro Toronto.

The Unionville Curling Club is an active member of the Canadian Curling Association, Ontario Curling Association and the Toronto Curling Association.